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ESOP Services

ESOP Valuations

As an ESOP fiduciary, you understand that an accurate valuation of the sponsoring company's shares is critical to the proper establishment and ongoing administration of the plan. An inaccurate valuation can have dire consequences.


Acclaro's professionals assist fiduciaries across the nation by preparing valuations and fairness opinions for initial transactions as well as annual update valuations. We team with the leading ESOP experts in the country to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively and efficiently. We believe that the best way to serve your needs is to provide objective, impartial valuation services. By focusing exclusively on this core principle, we avoid any potential conflicts of interest.


We provide services on both the buy-side (working on behalf of ESOP trustees) and the sell-side of transactions (working on behalf of business owners).

Estate and Gift Tax Valuations

Estate and Gift Tax Valuations


Estate planning is often considered to be a tool to minimize tax burdens.  However, if done properly and with enough time, it gives a business owner additional control over how significant assets are transitioned to the next generation. Surrounding yourself with a team of experts is critical to help develop and execute a well-thought-out plan. As such, a defensible valuation report is paramount.  

Financial Options

Financial Opinions


Acclaro provides objective analysis that supports the fairness from a financial point of view in a corporate or other related transaction.  

Litigation Support

Litigation Support


Valuations of businesses for marital dissolutions, shareholder oppressions/corporate dissolution, IRS/DOL disputes, or other litigation-related matters can be complicated. A valuation firm that has a thorough understanding of accounting principles, valuation methodology, and state law which drives the standard of value are critical.

Valuation Report Review

Valuation Report Reviews


A valuation report can be lengthy and confusing, filled with technical jargon and complex calculations, and may contain discrepancies not visible to the untrained eye. We will help you understand your valuation report by providing valuation report review services.

A valuation report review objectively examines the content, process, and disclosures of a report to ensure that it is credible and consistent with generally accepted valuation practices.

Acclaro is uniquely qualified to provide this service through the combination of extensive valuation experience and the Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) designation. We eliminate the guesswork by partnering with you so you better understand the valuation, enabling you to accept the report with greater confidence.

Portfolio Company Valuation

Portfolio Company Valuations


Acclaro provides clear, accurate, and reasonable valuation reports that are ASC 820 compliant for alternative investment managers. Our experienced portfolio valuation team will assist in streamlining the audit review process and ultimately avoid any costly mistakes. 

Exit Planning Valuations

Exit Planning Valuations


As an owner investigating your options in exiting an ownership interest in a business, you are faced with many possibilities: Should I gift it to my children? Sell to my employees or management? Sell to an outsider? The "value" of your business varies dramatically depending on your chosen course of action. In order to make an informed decision, you need to know the "value" of your business as it pertains to each option.

The professionals at Acclaro team with the leading exit planning experts in the country to ensure that your business's transition plan is implemented effectively and efficiently. We believe that the best way to serve you is to provide objective, impartial valuation services. By focusing exclusively on this core principle, we provide the clear and accurate information that you need to make an informed decision.

Stock-Based Compensation Valuation

Stock-Based Compensation Valuations


ASC 718 requires the acknowledgment of equity-based employee compensation programs as an expense. Stock appreciation rights (SARs) and stock options programs may be part of non-qualified deferred compensation plans which are regulated by Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code. Compliance with Section 409A requires certain valuation procedures to determine the fair market value of the stock of a business that has awarded equity-based employee compensation.

Purchase Price Allocations

Purchase Price Allocations


Under ASC 805, the purchase price of an acquired business is allocated to the identifiable assets acquired and the liabilities assumed at fair value. The identifiable finite-lived assets are then amortized over their remaining useful lives. Acclaro professionals are seasoned in this analysis.

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